How To Draw A Real Dragon Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw Bob Marley Step by Step

Step 1

Begin by drawing three different designs that are one for the head and the other that are for your body. After you have these shapes created, you must to join them with lines. The lines should consist of two lines, neck and the tail.

Step 2

What you must do is draw the upper muzzle’s top and upper jaw. The mouth lining should be drawn inwards as well. Make the mouth wavy then add mountains to the nose.

Step 3

Begin drawing down the jawline of your lower part, and note how the cheeks appear well-defined, and there’s some hair visible on the cheeks. Form the eyes then continue to move.

Step 4

As you can observe, the difficulty is slightly higher. You should carefully sketch out the mouth’s rest and this includes the stretchy tissues at around the edges of your mouth. Sketch the tongue and teeth and then trace the mouth horns. Include some details on the eyes and then move to what’s next.

Step 5

Begin to outline the skin-based tissue to create the vertical frills between the jaw and the sides of the jaw.

Step 6

Continue drawing the dragon, but draw the shoulders and wings first. Then draw the top liner and your thumbs to make the wings. Next, you’ll draw the front legs, and the right foot. Make folds or wrinkles in the dimpled region around the arm. Then, add some detail to your frill.

Step 7

Finish the outline of the wing as the picture below, and then draw the top of the wing as it folds in over the top of the wings. Draw out the front, the ends, and some tails. Draw the hind legs or legs, as well as feet. Draw the belly and the claws as well as both forelegs.

Step 8

Draw the hind legs as well as the wings’ ribs. Additionally, draw lines to divide the toes from the fingernails or claws. Finally, draw the tail and you’re done.

Step 9

Let’s finish the drawing of this real beast by adding the belly scales, and drawing the tail’s end. Eliminate the lines and the forms you created in step one , and you’re completed.

Step 10

This is how your actual style dragon appears like. If you want to add points, do so. like, and pick the shade you want to color him. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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