Hello all dear artists! In this drawing course, we’ll teach how the art of drawing the razor. It’s a simple drawing lesson designed in a manner that anyone who wishes to master drawing razors can do it.
Step 1
As always it is best to start with the common characteristics of withdrawing the heads of the razor.
Step 2
Then, using the aid of light lines, we sketch the edge of the razor.
Step 3
Then, using straight and dark lines, trace the head of the razor.
Step 4
Then draw three razor blades as well as an extra strip over the razor’s head.
Step 5
Utilizing dark and clear lines trace the handle of the razor.
Step 6
With simple hatching, you can make shadows on the areas in which light doesn’t pass through.

It was a lesson on drawing the razor. Remember that when you draw even the most basic objects like the razor will make better each time. Make sure to practice as frequently as you can, and don’t neglect to check out 3dvkarts and share your drawing lessons.

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