How to Draw a Raven, Skull and Rose

How to Draw a Raven, Skull and Rose

Step 1:

Begin the process by drawing three guide shapes : raven the skull, rose and raven. Then sketch the lines for the faces of the skull, and the wings of the raven.

Step 2:

Next, we’ll draw the raven’s beak which is screaming out in all directions. Then, add shading to the mouth, and then draw the tongue into the middle of the mouth. Include the lining as well to keep the beak separate from the mouth’s interior.

Step 3:

Create your head into the head of the raven before drawing and coloring the eyes.

Step 4:

Here’s where you’ll sketch out the body of the raven as well as the flowing wings. Include feather details on parts of your wings, as you can see in this image.

Step 5:

You can add more layers to the wing’s outer edge to the left. Also, sketch in the feathery details on the wing too. After that, then draw in the tail feathers that flare.

Step 6:

The raven’s legs as well as talons are next. Make the long clawed claws of the raven in an elongated clutching position as this raven is currently flying with the skull encased in his talons.

Step 7:

You can now begin by drawing the skull with greater detail. Sketch out the forms that the eyes sockets take, and then the nasal cavities. The eye hollows will become filled with smoke. It is also necessary to draw for the detail and outline around and between the nose and eyes. Once you’ve done that, draw the upper jaw or mouth that is also known as the teeth.

Step 8:

Start drawing the rose following. Begin in the middle and then work out as you draw the rose. The petals grow larger as you work out, and the edge of petals start to turn inwards as you can observe.

Step 9:

Create the big petals with layers. Once you’ve finished, you can draw all the details of the rose.

Step 10:

Draw the remainder of the skull’s shape and give more definition to the skull’s surface as well. After that, then you are able to sketch the leaf and the definitions to the leaves.

Step 11:

The final drawing step all you need do is to draw the smoke coming from the eyes, which then spreads out across the skull and the rose. Remove the mistakes and guides after you’re done.

Step 12:

This is how the line art will look like when completed. Then, you can enjoy coloring this amazing artwork.

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