One of the fruits that is a favorite of the staff of is sweet cherries and we also love raspberries a lot. We sketched the shape of a sweetness cherry in our previous drawing tutorial, and now we are now showing you how to draw the raspberry.

Step 1

First, we must sketch the outline of the raspberry. By using simple and light lines draw a circular geometric shape.

Step 2

Move towards the upper part of the strawberry, and draw the sepals and the stem of the strawberry as in the image below.

Step 3

The raspberry’s body comprises a lot of segments. In this section, we’ll outline these segments using a lot of intersecting lines.

Step 4

With the aid of clear and dark lines, draw out the stem and sepals. On the sepals, don’t neglect to sketch the veins.

Step 5

The next step is the most challenging is to do this with the aid of rounded lines, we have to trace all segments of the raspberry.

Step 6

Create shadows using the aid of hatching. Particularly pay attention to the shadows that are drawn on the sections in the raspberries.

Today we have demonstrated what it takes to draw the outline of a raspberry. If you face any difficulties or don’t understand the procedure of drawing any step, let us know about it as your feedback is extremely important to us.

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