Hello dear readers! This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw a Rapier . The rapier is a long, thin, pricking sword that was widely used in the late Middle Ages. The rapier is actually a thinner type of long blade with a modified guard.

Step 1
We draw a straight, long, thin line at first.

Step 2
As a guide, draw an oval at the end of each line.

Step 3
As in the example, you can draw out the grip using patterns.

Step 4
Draw out the guard that appears like a semicircle.

Step 5
The knuckle guard looks like a few curved lines.

Step 6
Draw the quillon located just behind the guard.

Step 7
Take out the long, thin blade of our Rapier.

Step 8
You can erase the guidelines and leave a line at its center.

Step 9
You can add shadows by hatching or glare the blade with a few short strokes.

We’ve just shown how you can draw a rapier. It was a very common weapon in the Middle Ages and eventually overtook the great blade. The Rapier is often found in RPGs like Gothic and Baldur’s Gate.

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