Welcoming you to 3dvkarts our dear artists! In this drawing lesson, we will teach the viewers what to draw the Range Rover. You are familiar with it, the Range Rover is a full-size luxurious off-road automobile with all-wheel drive that is made by Land Rover, the British Land Rover company. Land Rover. It is the most popular model produced by the company.

Step 1
In the beginning, we sketch out the car’s body which visually comprises two components – the top and the bottom. Be aware that there are lots of straight lines throughout the course on our Range Rover.

Step 2
With the aid of straight lines, we draw the grille and headlights on the front. Next, we draw out arches, wheels, and a rear-view mirror.

Step 3
In this stage, we’ll employ clear and precise lines. By using straight lines, we can outline the headlights and the radiator grille that is directly behind the headlights.

Step 4
Draw a hood using a straight line. Then, draw the bumper where there is a second fog light and radiator grille.

Step 5
Let’s get towards the highest point the Range Rover. There are also a lot of straight lines, using which we can draw the windows and roof of our vehicle. In the same way, draw the mirror.

Step 6
Following along the lines drawn by the windows on the sides create the doors. In continuation of the roof, draw the rear part of the car. Then, we draw the taillamp and door handles.

Step 7
We’ll move on toward the wheels. First sketch out the wheel arches. Then, using very smooth lines, draw the wheels. The wheels should be consistent and smooth.

Step 8

This is the end of the process, and we simply have created the rims. In the example above, you will notice rims with five beams, however, you are able to choose any design. Also, you can include shadows.

This drawing lesson on drawing the Range Rover is over. If you enjoyed it, then don’t forget to check out our other drawing lessons related to automobiles, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy them. We also have social media networks that you can join.


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