The animal kingdom is home to many animals of different sizes and shapes.

Some of these animals are farm animals. These animals are used for food, clothing, and other purposes.

Rams are an example of one such animal. They play an important role in the breeding of sheep and wool production.

It can be a lot of fun to make artwork around them, and it is great to learn how to draw rams!

This tutorial is for those who love woolly animals.

This guide will walk you through how to draw a Ram in 6 easy steps.

1st Step:

We will start with the head & horns to get you started on this guide about how to draw a Ram. These horns make a striking appearance on this animal. They curl up on themselves and form an almost spiral-like shape.

To draw the twisty horn of the ram, you can begin by drawing a bumpy line. To give the horn some texture, you will need to add thick lines along its edges.

Next, draw some sharp, pointed lines to create the tuft of wool at the top of the head. Finally, draw the long, round muzzle of your sheep.

After you have drawn the muzzle outline, place a small round eye at the top of your head. Next, draw the nostrils, mouth, and lips. Next, draw the top of the other horn. Then draw the front of your chest.

2nd Step:

We will now add the back and legs to your ram drawing.

Continue to extend another bumpy line from the base the neck and curl it over the back of the Ram’s body.

Next, draw the back legs. The legs’ tops will be thick and wooly. However, the legs’ second halves will be shorter and more angular.

Once you’ve replicated the aspects shown in our reference image we can move on to step 3.

3rd Step:

In this step of we will be adding the first leg to the front and the belly. Refer to our guide on drawing an ram. Begin by extending a jagged line in the direction of the base of your back legs.

It should be slightly curved as this will create the belly of your ram. To emphasize the wooly texture, you can add many small curves above it.

Next, we’ll add the front leg. It will look the same as the back legs but with a smaller top. Once you are satisfied, add the final leg to the next step.

4th Step:

Before adding any final details to your drawing of a ram, you must first draw the last leg. This leg will be directly adjacent to the front leg.

Similar to the leg above, this one will hide most of its top by wool and only the lower half will be visible.

You can then fill in the space between your leg and the chest with another one of these jagged lines.

After that drawing is complete, we will continue to draw more small curves for more wooly texture.

5th Step:

The fifth step in the guide on drawing an ram, will focus on final details that will make you ready to move onto the final step.

These details will consist mainly of texture lines that run throughout the ram. However, you will have the opportunity to add your final touches.

We added many of the small curves that we used throughout this guide to our reference image.

If you want your ram to be even more fluffy, you can add more! After you’ve added the details, you can add more.

A background is one of the best ways to personalize your drawing.

You have many options. You could draw him in a rural setting or create a meadow background. What can you do to add to the drawing before coloring it?

6th Step:

Although rams may not be the most colorful animal, there are still many ways to make your drawing ram-friendly!

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