How To Draw A Ram Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw An Ear Step by Step

Step 1

This tutorial will show you drawing the ram, we’ll begin by drawing the head as well as the horns. The horns are unique for this animal, since they are curved on their bodies in a spiral shape.

Start by drawing an uneven line to create the zigzag horn that will be used for the ram. This horn is also going to have some lines of thick detail running on it, to give it a rough texture.

Then , we’ll draw some jagged, pointed lines to create the wool at the top. After that, it’s time to draw the long, round muzzle that the animal has.

After drawing the outline of the muzzle then add a small round eye at on the head’s top. Then, you can draw the nostrils as well as mouth. Complete this step by drawing the edge of the horn with the other protruding and drawing the front portion of chest.

Step 2. Draw the back and hind legs of the ram.
Following starting with the head, we’ll add the hind and back legs of the drawing of your ram in the next step.

Then, extend another bumpy line from the bottom of the neck. Let it slide to the back of the ram.

Then , we draw the next pins. The upper portion of the leg is long and thin, while the second portion of the leg is shorter and more sharp.

After you’ve copied these features according to the way shown in the image of reference then we’re prepared to move on to step 3.

Step 3 – Then draw the front leg
We will now include the front leg and the belly in this stage of drawing the ram in a tutorial. Then, extend a second cog line in the direction of the bottom of the hind legs.

It should have a tiny curve, because it forms the stomach of the ram. You may also add smaller curves over it to emphasize the smoothness.

We will then include the front leg which will be identical to the hind leg, with the major difference being the fact that it has the upper part smaller. Once you’re ready you can put on the final leg during following steps.

Step 4: Then, draw the final pin for the ram.
Before adding any additional specifics to your ram drawing First, you must draw the last part. This leg will be placed just in front of the other foot.

Like the other leg the other leg is covered in wool for the majority of its top portion, and only the bottom portion is visible.

Then, you can complete the distance between the leg you sketched and the chest with one of the sharp lines.

After that then we’ll complete this process by adding those small curves for a more smooth appearance.

Step 5 – Add last details to the sketch of ram
The fifth and final step of our drawing tutorial with ram will focus on making those final touches to ensure you’re in good shape for the final stage that will be covered in our tutorial.

These details will consist primarily of lines of texture throughout the ram. However, there is also an chance to apply some finishing details of your personal.

For the finer details we have included in our reference image we have added lots of tiny curves that we’ve employed throughout this video.

You are able to add more if you’d like to make this ram appear more soft! After you’ve completed these steps then you can add more personal details of your own.

One of the most effective methods to personalize your drawing is to add background.

There are many choices to accomplish this, and you can choose any of the following: painting him with a rural setting to creating lush grassland backgrounds. What can you add the drawing prior to coloring?

Step 6 – Complete your ram drawing by adding colors
Ram isn’t the most vibrant animal however there are methods to draw some interesting colors to your drawing of the ram!

We’ve used lots of beige and light brown throughout the picture and the way we’ve put them together will help to enhance the appearance of wool.

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