How to Draw a Rainbow

We will continue our series of drawings guides to help you draw simple things. Today, we’ll attempt to draw instructions on how to draw the rainbow.


Step 1

The first step is to draw two arcs that must be parallel. Then, place these arcs in the middle of the paper or in which you would like to create rainbows if you’re painting a complete scene.




Step 2

Include two additional arcs in the drawing. All lines must be parallel as shown in our example. If you’re not certain of your abilities working with baselines, you should make very gentle strokes that are erasable.




Step 3

The drawing guide we provide will be rather boring, in actuality. We wish you could beat boredom because, in the end, you’ll achieve a great outcome. While we are drawing, we will draw two additional parallel arches.




Step 4

Repeat the same procedure in the same manner for the second time. It’s a good way of making smooth, parallel lines do you think? In the end, you should have eight stripes that are the shape of arches. This is a good starting point for drawing an arc of the rainbow.




Step 5

A huge rainbow that appears in the sky can not occur without rain. That’s the reason why we’ll draw a couple of clouds that are situated near the end of the rainbow.




Step 6

We believe it’s not necessary to keep track of which colors the rainbow ought to be painted. There are numerous mnemonics to do this. For instance, this one is Roy G. Biv (red yellow, orange blue, green violet, indigo)




If you enjoy painting more complex natural phenomena you could try drawing an eruption of volcano eruption. If you’re looking to draw something more simple in the things related to nature, attempt to draw stones.

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