We appreciate and love the most different genres of fine art. And we have already learned many lessons from various genres, such as still life and portrait. This last category could be attributable to this tutorial on drawing the red radish. Like the other lessons from within this class, the instruction about drawing a radish can be very easy and in a way basic. It’s comprised of five simple steps each one of which is as easy as it gets. Prepare a piece of pencil, paper, and eraser before beginning the process of making art.


Step 1

The first step in the steps creates a radish starting with the most basic geometric shape, which is similar to a circle or maybe an oval. Do this, and then follow the next two steps with the simplest lines.



Step 2

At the top, note the position of the stem. Below the simple geometric form, mark an extended and curved “tail” of the radish.


Step 3

Simple, yet no less crucial part of the instruction about drawing a red radish. In the third step employing a series of simple and not very long lines, divide the stems.


Step 4

We will now create a turnip design that is more precise and clear. To achieve this, carefully trace the entire detail using clean and precise lines. Utilizing an eraser, rid yourself of all the unnecessary lines that we sketched in the early phases.


Step 5

If the sun is falling on the left side. It implies that we create shadows on the right-hand portion of our image. This can be done with a uniform and dense hatching, just like the artists from


We’ll return to the topic of still-lifes. Draw an image of a vegetable as shown with cucumbers, a few eggplants, and a vase filled with grapes. Create your own mixture of ingredients. It is also possible to add drapery or bottles of water. Try to mix and alter the position of elements on your still-life. Learn about other articles on fruits and vegetables and develop your drawing abilities by following drawing tutorials available from

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