How To Draw A Radio -

How To Draw A Radio

How To Draw A Radio

Radios are an invention which is slowly falling out of favor as newer technology emerges. Radios were an important source of entertainment not too long ago.

These radios could also be used to play CDs or cassettes, and to listen to different music stations. Although they are not widely used anymore, many people still enjoy the nostalgic feel of a good radio.

It’s a great way for you to remember those happy times.

This guide is perfect for those who want to have some retro fun with a radio.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw a radio in 6 easy steps.

1st Step:

This is the first part of our guide to drawing a radio. The frame should be rectangular and thick. As you can see from the reference image, there will still be some space in the outline. However, buttons and other parts will fill these spaces later.

Although the corners of the radio are rounded, you can use a ruler to straighten the edges at the top, bottom, and sides.

To give the radio depth, add some lines to the backyard. Don’t forget the spaces in the reference photo! Once you are satisfied with the radio, we can move to step 2.

2nd Step:

Radios wouldn’t be very useful without speakers, so we will add them to your radio drawing.

Begin by drawing two circles along either side of your radio. Then, surround them with another circle. To fill in the gaps left by the previous drawing, you can add some small, rounded forms to the edges.

Next, create a cross-hatch design inside these circles by using more straight lines that intersect one another.

After you are done with the speakers, you can use a ruler and draw a rectangle. This will become the cassette slot when we add more detail.

Next, draw some circles below the speakers to indicate the radio dials.

3rd Step:

This section of is our guide to how to draw radios. We will add some details onto the radio’s face.

For the radio, first draw a straight-lined form with inwardly curving sides nearer the top.

This will create the frequency reader for your radio. You can then add some lines to it, as shown in our reference image.

Next, draw two rounded shapes and small dots inside the cassette door. That completes the guide.

4th Step:

You will find buttons on a typical radio that allow you to control various aspects such as pausing, rewinding and playing music. In this step, we’ll be adding these buttons to your radio drawing.

We will create four rectangular shapes that are slanted on top of each radio to draw the buttons. To give them a more 3D appearance, we will draw some lines from below them.

We have a few details left to add after these buttons are drawn.

5th Step:

This step in will have you adding final details and elements to prepare for the final step.

We will first draw the handle for our radio. This will fill the last space in the frame that was left after the first step. You can then create the handle by using curved lines.

We will then finish the details of this guide by adding thicker outlines to some other details on the radio’s face.

After you’ve completed all the details, you can add your own. Perhaps you could draw a background so you can show the objects you like while listening to this radio.

What accessories, food or beverages would you enjoy with your favourite retro tunes?

6th Step:

You can add some incredible colors to the last part of your radio drawing! Our example image was created using a bright and cheerful color scheme.

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