Welcome to the brand new drawing class created by the creators of 3DVKARTS. In previous lessons, we demonstrated how to draw modern ways of gathering information, including the computer or the phone, and the television. We decided to teach you an older-style topic. We’ll begin with the course on drawing the radio step-by-step.

Step 1
Then, we must draw the front face of our radio in the shape of a rectangular elongated shape.

Step 2
With the aid of long and narrow rectangles trace the upper and side surfaces on the radio.

Step 3
Let’s look at the specifics. Draw an antenna with a scale on its front surface, and an auxiliary switch on the side surface.

Step 4
Remove any lines that are not needed and create shadows by hatching. This will make the drawing appear more extensive.

The course on drawing an electronic device was over. Go to the “EASY DRAWING” section on our site to learn to draw various electronic devices with different functions. In reality, this is an easy lesson. The most difficult part of this course is the huge amount of straight lines (which we suggest you draw with no ruler). In other words, the lesson is fairly easy.


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