You probably already know that we love cool automobiles. On our website, there are a lot of drawing lessons on different cool vehicles. In this lesson, we’ll take a look at cool cars, and will show you how to draw race cars step by step.

Step 1
The first step is to trace the body using very thin and invisible lines. Be aware that race cars need to be extremely wide and low. Try to duplicate the outline of the body of the car, as illustrated in our example.

Step 2
Then, add the outline of the major parts of the car’s body including the headlights, mirrors, and wheels. This step is similar to the previous step it is recommended that very light lines be employed.

Step 3
Utilizing sharp and dark lines trace the outline of the angular headlights as well as the outlines of the hood. Make sure not to make a mistake with the details or their position in the front of your hood.

Step 4
Then draw the outline of a complicated bumper. Try to duplicate the outlines of the bumper, as we did in our illustration.

Step 5
We then move towards on top to sketch out the front view, roof, and mirrors. The roof should be low as we’re drawing the race car.

Step 6
Draw the design on the side of the car’s body. The outlines are of the handle, door, and air intake. Try to duplicate every detail as shown in our model.

Step 7
This is a difficult step to sketch out the outlines for the wheels and the rims. Eliminate all lines drawn by us during the first steps.

Step 8
Let’s now add some shading to our vehicle to make it look more real and voluminous. As you may have guessed, for drawing shadows, it is necessary to apply dense hatching.

This lesson covered drawing race cars step-by- the step. We demonstrated this using the basis that we used of Lamborghini (we really love Lamborghini greatly) however, you could draw any race vehicle using the same principles in this lesson.


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