We’ve said it numerous times, we love cats and think they are adorable and hilarious. Raccoons are adored by us as much as cats. In spite of the fact raccoons often steal items (they even have masks that resemble real bandits) and aren’t bringing any practical advantage to humans, however, we are incredibly fond of them. We begin our lesson by learning to draw a Raccoon.

Step 1
Drawing lessons on mammals are very similar to in the beginning. Draw your head, the thorax, and the pelvis as ovals. The spine along with the arms, tail as well as legs can be drawn using the shape of regular lines.

Step 2
Join the circles on the pelvis and the chest to create the form of the body. Then, draw a round muzzle, and draw an eye line. Then, at the end of the step, sketch out the tail and legs of the raccoon.

Step 3
This is where we will look at the most basic aspects of the head of a raccoon. By using the line to represent the eyes and the eyes. Draw the outline of the eyes, mask sharp whiskers, a triangular nose, and mouth.

Step 4
In this stage, we complete creating the head and neck of the raccoon. Make quick strokes of the pen to create hair along the sides of the head. Through clear lines, outline an outline that shows the features of the face.

Step 5
We continue our lesson on drawing the Raccoon. In this easy procedure, draw the front paws by using tiny well-defined claws.

Step 6
Following the lines drawn in the fifth step in drawing out the rounded body and front legs of the raccoon. Draw the tail, and then delete any unnecessary lines.

Step 7
It’s time to put on the final finishing touches. Paint the eyes and nose of our adorable Raccoon. Create shadows using making hatching and slowly giving the raccoon volume.

In the drawing, which is quite realistic, we broke it down into a number of very easy steps, and then we sketched using geometric shapes that are simple. This was done in order to create the most accurate representation of the drawing, to ensure that even a beginner artist can understand what it takes to draw an animal like a raccoon. Another crucial point for novice artists is that nearly all animals are drawn in the same manner. So, applying the fundamental principles of this lesson, you could draw not just a raccoon but also panthers, dogs, as well as an elephant.

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