Hello everybody. In this age of smartphones and tablets, electronic devices are increasing in popularity. One of the extremely popular products is a quadcopter, which is an aircraft that is built with an encapsulated helicopter using 3 or more propellers. Let’s begin with a lesson on drawing the quadcopter.

Step 1
First, draw a rectangle with extremely light lines. It will form the quadcopter’s body.

Step 2
Then draw the propellers as well as the sticks that they sit on.

Step 3
Let’s get to work on specifics. On the front, draw the action camera. Include some additional specifics to the body of the quadcopter.

Step 4
Eliminating unnecessary guidelines exposes the camera’s body and the body with transparent and dark lines.

Step 5
Then draw propellers for our quadcopter. Remove all the other instructions we sketched in the beginning.

Step 6
The final finishing touches. Now we have to add shadows as well as some sparkle, by using simple hatching.

It was a class on drawing the quadcopter. It is interesting to note that the quadcopter is so popular that it was featured in a few episodes of the hugely popular show South Park.

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