How to Draw a Puppy

Learn how to draw a puppy! I’ll show you how to draw a mischievously cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This drawing lesson will explain the drawing techniques I used to draw this adorable puppy drawing.

To draw this puppy I made use of the collection made of General’s Kimberly Drawing Pencils (this link is the site to Blick art materials, as well as should you purchase something from them, I earn a small percentage of the sale to help to fund this website). The set I used included 10 pencils, which ranged from very soft to hard. This is a fantastic set to use for drawing.

The particular drawing set I was using included pencils that ranged between 8B (very soft) to 4H (very hard). It was a set that contained 10 pencils. included an eraser with a handy tool as well as a sharpener.

Note that you don’t have make use of every one available pencils that are included in the set to begin drawing the puppy. I used probably four of the pencils for this drawing of a puppy.

Are you ready to begin?

Here’s the adorable puppy I used as to draw my sketch. Doesn’t she appear a little playful? I would like to draw that playful sparkle in her eyes. The adorable puppy is owned by Jelene who has given her permission to let me make use of her puppy image to show people how to draw the image of a puppy.

I decided to concentrate only on one head on this adorable dog to draw. I began with drawing her outline along with her major attributes. I also sketched lighter pencil marks to mark the areas with lighter and darker colors.

(Please be aware that at this point the drawing is extremely light. It appears dark because I had to alter it digitally, so you could clearly see those lines!)

For drawing the outline I used a robust 4-H pencil. The harder the pencil, the more light the line will appear. In this point you should draw the outline very gently so that you are able to quickly erase mistakes and change proportions.

I prefer to work with the eyes as well as nose immediately to gain an “feel” for how the puppy’s drawing will look. In order to make my pupils appear dark, I employ the 6-B pencil.

I would recommend using the 6-B pencil when you’re truly ready to make something look dark . This is since if you press it to hard to make a mark, you will leave marks on your marks of the 6B pencil marks will be difficult to erase in the event of mistakes!

Then I begin light shading the areas that will be dark. I begin lightly, using light, soft pencil strokes that are a mix of cross-hatching and hatching.

As you can see, right now I am working fairly fast. I don’t stress about being perfect. My primary objective is to make a rough idea of the areas where the light and dark patches are.

Here’s the completed puppy drawing! I think I was able to capture that adorable naughty expression. Do you agree? If you’ve learned the basic steps on how sketch a dog you can begin practicing making lots of drawings of your puppy!

It is important to note that this is the point at which the drawing of your puppy can become easily blurred. (You may have noticed this while doing your work!) If you want to safeguard the drawing of your puppy to ensure its longevity apply the final sealant which will stop fade and smudging. Sealants also provide protection from UV rays and water. The sealant I use to draw is known as Krylon Crystal Clear.

How to Draw a Puppy


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