How to Draw a Puppeteer

How to Draw a Puppeteer

Step First:

Take your time to draw the lines and shapes that will create the framework for the characters in the lesson.

Step Second:

Let’s start with the girl. As you can see, draw the structure and shape of her face.

Step third:

Draw her face. This shows the eyes, mouth, and details inside the ears.

Step fourth:

Next, you will need to draw the long hair that is in motion. Make sure you give her hair definition and detail.

Step five:

Now we will draw her arms and hands, then add more hair to wrap around the arms.

Step six:

You will need to draw her whole body while she swings. Next, draw the legs and feet.

Step seven:

Add handles to the swing.

Step Eight:

Let’s now tackle the beastly puppeteer. This figure is a skeletal-shaped head, with the eye socket holes and nasal cavity. Add skeletal definition to the mouth and teeth.

Step nine:

Give this beast a few horns.

Step Ten:

You can now draw the ears and the mane, making the beast appear massive.

Step Eleven:

You will need to draw the muscular torso, arms, legs and long nails. Sketch in the muscle definitions on the chest, arms and fur texture.

Step Twelve:

Draw in the cloud-like mass surrounding the girl being swung from the puppeteer. To correct any mistakes, erase them.

Step thirteen:

You’re done! You can now have fun coloring this drawing.

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