We love sports, particularly boxing. In this article, we want to bridge the gap between drawing and sports. We have made an article about drawing punching bags.

Step 1
For the first step, it is necessary to sketch the primary design of our bag using thin lines.

Step 2
Then, using the aid of curly lines, draw the bottom and top. In the upper section, draw the chain.

Step 3
Utilizing a dark and clear line, draw the punching bag. This makes it gorgeous clear and well-finished.

Step 4
Then, take the pencil you find the most suitable and draw shadow on the top of the bag.

This lesson will not help you to learn how to throw left or hooks, however, we hope this lesson helped you learn how to draw the punching bag. The punching bag drawing is like the cylinder. Therefore, the shadows must be added in the same way as if we were adding shadows on a simple cylindrical.


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