how to draw a pumpkin

This week, our team at will teach how to draw what to draw an image of a pumpkin. This guide will be helpful to anyone who wants to master drawing still lifes as well as drawings for Halloween. This tutorial will be easy and even the novice artist can manage it.

To simplify the process We have divided this guide into six stages of basic instruction and outlined the new lines for every stage in red. If all your art materials are at hand and you are ready to begin the tutorial on drawing the pumpkin.


Step 1

It is the first step to draw a pumpkin by drawing an oval or circle that is regular. This figure must be smooth and perfectly round. The instructions on the apple, as well as the orange, started with circles that were similar to this one.




Step 2

Beginning at this point we’ll make sure that our drawing of the pumpkin has an appropriate appearance. For this, we need to create an indentation similar to the letter M on the high point of your circle.




Step 3

By using a series of curving lines, you can create a texture on the vegetable as the artists from created in the illustration below.




Step 4

Then, go back to the upper section of the drawing of the vegetable and draw the stem. It should be slightly curving and taper towards the point.




Step 5

Take the pencil off and make use of an eraser to it to wash your vegetable drawing of any excessive guidelines. Take a pencil that is darker or ink and create a pumpkin design that is darker sharper, more attractive, and sharper.




Step 6

Paint the pumpkin with the colors green, orange, or white. These are the three most commonly used colors for this kind of vegetable. To make this pumpkin appropriate for Halloween, draw some frightening facial features.




The guideline for drawing the pumpkin has been completed and the team at is convinced that even the least experienced artist can master the task.

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