How to Draw a Pug -

How to Draw a Pug

How to Draw a Pug

Pugs are a breed that is well-known for their curly, curly tail and wrinkled, short muzzle. The pug almost looks like a small bulldog.

Although they may be stubborn and mischievous, they are also affectionate and loving.

The pug is a popular choice for a pet dog due to its unique physical characteristics.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw a pug. It includes 9 steps and simple illustrations.

You only need a piece paper and your favorite drawing tools to get started. Make sure to grab your coloring supplies!


To outline the head of the pug, trace an irregular shape on paper starting at the top of your paper. As shown in the illustration, emphasize the pug’s cheeks by making the circle a little wider than the rest.

When drawing the outline, don’t press down too hard on your pencil. You should draw the outline with a light hand in order to easily erase lines that are no longer needed.

When drawing an outline or rough sketch, use light strokes.


The cute little ears of pugs are a particular favorite, so we’ll be drawing them in this step.

To create the right ear, simply draw an irregular shape with a tapered bottom and wide top.

To create the left ear, draw a parallel shape halfway along the other side. To finish the shape, erase any lines that cross the ears.


To create the body, draw an elongated form with a flat bottom just below the head. This is the outline of the body. Use a light hand to draw it.

The pug’s body is smaller than its head, as you can see from the illustration. This is because we are animating a cartoon pug.

You can make your body as large or small as you like, it’s up to you!


Draw two parallel vertical lines along each side of your pug’s chest. This creates the front legs of your pug.

To create the feet, draw a curve line that forms a large letter “C” at each end of each leg. To create a division between the feet, draw two small curves within each foot!


Draw an upside-down U-shaped curve, with the left line being longer than the one on the bottom of the pug’s back.

This will create the appearance of a folded hindleg. Draw the foot at the bottom of your hind leg with three paws.

The pug is facing in the opposite direction, so only its left hind leg can be seen. We’ll not draw the other leg on the back because the pug is facing sideways.


The typical pug’s tail is short and pointed. This step will show you how to draw it. Draw a pointed shape at the bottom of the body to create the tail.

The illustration above shows the tail being raised up. You can draw the tail in a spiral shape if you wish!

Draw a sideways oval shape in the middle of the face of the pug to create the snout. In the next steps, you’ll be drawing the nose of the pug and its mouth.


To create the shape and size of the eyes, draw two huge circles above the outline of your snout.

The distinctive feature of pugs is their bulging, large eyes.


To complete the look, we will draw the remaining facial features. Start at the top and work your way down. Next, draw a curved eyebrow just above each eye.

Draw a sideways oval shape, with a slightly pointed base and a W-shaped curve inside the snout. For extra details, don’t forget to include tiny dots in the snout!


As with all animals and characters, the way you shade your pug’s eyes will determine if it looks happy or sad. All it comes down to the quality of the eyes.

Draw a circle on one side of the eye outline. This will allow you to choose which direction the pug should be looking in. The pupil was drawn on the right in this example.

To create the iris, draw a smaller circle around the pupil. Next, draw two small circles within the iris.

Shade the entire iris, excluding the tiny circles. This will create a dramatic effect of “sparkling eyes”, making your pug happy!

This step will see us adding colors to our drawing. It’s so exciting!

There are four primary colors for pugs: black, fawn and silver fawn. Any other color can be a variation or combination of any two.

Although you might have limited options for color choices, you can still create a unique pug by using a different set of colors!

Enjoy playing with colors until your pug finally comes to life.

These fun and easy tips will make your pug sketch even more adorable

We created this adorable cartoon pug drawing. The style is great, but you can change it to suit your taste.

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