Dear artists, and welcome to a straightforward drawing lesson on drawing the shape of a puck. This lesson is simple because the subject is very easy because it’s actually an oval and flat object and we’ll draw it by drawing a few easy lines.

Step 1
The first step is to draw an oval like the one illustrated in our illustration.

Step 2
Draw another identical to the one we drew that is just below the one that we sketched in the previous step.

Step 3
Then connect the ovals created in the earlier steps using the aid of two straight lines.

Step 4
An easy step to follow is to use an eraser to take out all lines that are not needed.

Step 5
Then, let’s add some highlights and shadows by hatching.

It’s possible that this lesson on drawing an ice puck was the easiest (or at the very least, the easiest) lesson on our site. Even though the lesson was extremely easy, however, you may encounter certain difficulties. In reality, it’s difficult to draw smoothly ovals (as well as circles). So, pay attention to the smoothness of the lines drawn on ovals.

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