Hello, artists! Welcome to 3dvkarts. As you may have guessed, this week, we’ll teach how to draw what to draw the Pterodactylus step-by-step. As you may have guessed, this reptile is extinct belonging to the genus pterosaurs that lived during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Step 1
First, we’ll outline the structure of our flying Lizard. Draw the head in the shape of a circle. Next, draw the torso in a shape of an oval. Draw the neck using simple lines.

Step 2
Let’s look at the volume. The first step is to sketch the sharp and long beak that is the pterodactyl. Then you should thicken the legs and neck. Utilizing simple lines, trace the rest part of the wings.

Step 3
Let’s focus on the little details. We will begin just like usual by removing the head. Remove all the lines, draw the beak, and a longer brush on the side part of the skull. Make sure to draw out the eye and the tongue.


Step 4
With long and slightly curly lines, draw the wings. Make small claws across the wings. Don’t forget to remove all lines on the wings.

Step 5
We’re almost done with the drawing lesson on drawing a Pterodactylus. Draw out the torso and head of an extinct animal, and its paws, with the tail. When you’re done, step, and erase the lines.

Step 6
To create shadows, we must use hatching. Begin by drawing the outline of the shadows with very light lines, and then create the shadows using the method mentioned above.

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