How to Draw a Psychedelic Skull

How to Draw a Psychedelic Skull

Step one:

Begin with an outline of the top of the skull. Then sketch the outline for the jaw and face structure.

Step two:

After that, start shaping the cheek bones using a long and angled lining. The corners of the cheeks should be sunk a little to give a striking skeletal look.

Step three:

We’ll cover the top part with the form of the cap of the mushroom. It is the actual form of the head that is the shape for the skull, so ensure that you draw it exactly as it’s shown in this article.

Step four:

Incorporate the gills from the mushroom to the curl, and then draw the different spots on the cap.

Step five:

Then you can begin to sketch with the shape of the skull’s hollow eyes , and then draw the nasal space. After that, you can begin drawing out the upper row of teeth that are skeletal. Create details around the eyes as well as around side of nose.

Step six:

The final step you need to draw is the jaw’s bottom as well as the lower row of teeth. The teeth could be misshaped and crooked like they are shown in this illustration. If you are getting your jaw and teeth drawn out, you can add details around the bottom of your teeth as well as on the skeletal area of your jaw. Remove the errors and guidelines to tidy up the work.

Step seven:

After you’ve finished, the line art will look similar to the illustration you can see here. The only thing left be doing is coloring the skull psychedelic in.

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