In this drawing lesson, we will show the user the steps to draw on a PSP step-by-step. Many believe that it is an insignificant invention. It is true that it can’t compete with the power of a gaming computer. But, it is an excellent option for those who spend most of their time outside the house.

Step 1

We begin by drawing an ordinary parallelogram. It is possible to draw a different shape if you are using a different viewpoint.




Step 2

Then, remove the sharp edges. Recently, we have said the fact that Apple was the first to train the entire globe to smooth out corners. This was part of the course on drawing the smartwatch.

Therefore, we draw rounded lines to the place with sharp angles. The drawing should appear similar.



Step 3

In this section, we trace the outline of the screen as well as the side buttons. It is important to note that PSP is always distinguished by its huge and vibrant screen.



Step 4

Now is the time for drawing the buttons. If you’re finding it difficult to draw lots of detail in one go begin by drawing two circles on opposite edges of your screen. Note the distance between as well as below. Try to replicate it as accurately as you can.



Step 5

The drawing lesson continues on drawing the PlayStation Portable easily. In this lesson, we’ll draw a few buttons on the lower part of the console. If you’ve really spent much time on this console, you could draw it with no illustration.



Step 6

Let’s draw shadows over the buttons on our game console portable. Make sure to include tiny meshes around the sticks. Draw two oblique lines across the screen.


It was an excellent job. Now it’s time to unwind for a while and play amazing video games. We are fans of real-time strategy games which is why gaming consoles aren’t the best choice for us. What games on video do you enjoy? Tell us about your experience in the comments section, we’re eager to hear your thoughts!


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