As you are aware to properly represent complex objects, it’s usually necessary to depict them as simpler shapes, such as prisms.


In this article, the team at will teach you how to draw prisms.

The geometric shape is more complicated than a cube or a ball since it has multiple faces and edges however, with our help you can master the art and create a prism without any difficulty.


Step 1

So, the first step to do is to sketch the basic outline. Draw two horizontal lines which will pass through the middle of the bottom and top sides of the prism. Then, join them by using two vertical lines, which create the sides of this geometric form.



Step 2

To simplify the depiction of the faces at the top and bottom at this point we’ll have to draw them as ellipses. This will allow us not to get lost between multiple angles and faces, thereby keeping them in a single space and allowing them to be subjected to the same symmetry. In accordance with the laws of linear perspective, The top face must be a little flatter than the lower.


Step 3

Then, employing the ellipses we drew in the earlier stage, sketch the lower and upper sides of the prism, trying to draw all sides and angles as precisely and as clearly as you can. Don’t forget about the best method to determine the proportions of an image is by holding it in front of a mirror.


Step 4

It is now time to draw the vertical faces that make up the prism, by joining the corners that were formed in the earlier stage. It is important to remember that it’s very useful to draw the cube transparent at the beginning stages to verify the accuracy and proportionality of the geometric representation.


Step 5

Eliminate any unnecessary lines of construction and give the prism drawing a crisp and clean appearance. This is the time to examine the proportions of the drawing again. It is also possible to bring it up to the mirror or rotate it so that you can see the flaws more precisely.


Step 6

Keep in mind that we’re drawing an object with volume, begin sketching shadows. See how the artists at have drawn shadows on the different sides of the prism. This gives the geometric model the maximum size.


Step 7

Keep adding shadows to make them darker and brighter when they are required. In the same way, it is essential to draw the shadow cast on the ground on which the prism is placed. You can learn the details in our post regarding lighting and shadow.


The tutorial on drawing the prism is completed. Verify the accuracy of your work by comparing it to the ones created by the artists from If everything is correct then move on to more challenging tasks or draw the prism again, which will make the work more appealing. If not, return to the point in which you made the error and correct the issue.


At the end of this article, the team at will remind you of the fact that the most valuable instructor for any artist is to practice. As you practice drawing and improve your drawing abilities. This is exactly like in Morrowind that the more frequently you utilize skill and the better it gets. Practice drawing, join on social media, and send us your thoughts and suggestions.

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