This category “Electronics” on our website is gaining recognition each day, and customers are wanting us to help to show ways to create fresh things that are related to this particular category. The idea behind this section is quite simple. we have created simple instructions, mainly consisting of lines that are literally fundamental. This section will be updated with this post on drawing an image of a printer. Similar to the other images in the previous section, the drawing for a printer will comprise the simplest lines.


Step 1

In our previous articles, an artist must view every object as a simple geometric shape. In this case, the drawing by the printer in the initial stage is represented as the shape of a long cube. It is possible to draw a printer using a ruler or without in case you wish to practice drawing straight lines.


Step 2

In the next stage, we’ll incorporate the most fundamental and essential components to the sketch of the printer. The first step is to create an upper cover portion of the device. Then, on the side, we show a variety of buttons as well as a touch panel. As you will see, the lines in the second stage are made with straight lines.

Step 3

Let’s transform the long cube we’ve made with buttons into printing. First, draw an open space and an elongated sheet. When creating this drawing, keep in mind that it must gradually increase in the direction of our vision to allow for a drawing of a greater area.

Step 4

Take an eraser and clear the entire drawing of any unnecessary lines. After that, you can apply shading to make your drawing more detailed and engaging. Furthermore, you could add additional details to the drawing of your multi-function printer.

This four-step guide is now over. Don’t forget the fact that within the subject matter of “Electronics” you will find an array of these lessons.


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