Let’s draw the girl with a realistic look. We’ve already drawn several girls casually or in the home style. So, we have thought of combining our posts by giving a tutorial on drawing the princess. This girl is a true princess or one who dresses as a princess.

Step 1

Let’s take a look at the silhouette of the person we’ll draw. We see a tall, thin woman, who has her arms at her side.

Now draw a stickman. Be aware of the broad pelvis and narrow shoulders. The development of our personality is the total length of eight heads.




Step 2

There are numerous princesses. Aren’t they? The drawing will be a typical stereotyped princess. So, we must create a graceful, graceful body that is connected to the head via an elongated neck.

Don’t make the breast too big and bulky. This makes the princess look less attractive. The transition between shoulders that are narrow and wide pelvis needs to be smooth and seamless.



Step 3

Draw the legs. Limbs in our instance comprise circles and cylinders. The shins are the only exception to this. should have a smooth narrowing downwards. One of the characteristics of female figures is the combination of wide hips with slim elegant arms.

Another crucial aspect is the shoulders that are narrow. Take note of the ball which indicates the shoulder joint. It is incredibly tightly covered by the shape of your chest. On the right, it’s completely blocked, and on the left, it overlaps by half.



Step 4

We will continue to learn about drawing the princess.

Draw the hair’s contours and hair crown. The crown appears like an isosceles triangle that is located in the parietal part on the top of your head. Hair is smooth, wavy lines that lie laterally in relation to the shape of the head.

In the next step, we will sketch the most important facial features. Concentrate on the lines of the face in the earlier step.



Step 5

In this section, we draw approximate contours of the additional particulars. When drawing your hands, take note that the left-hand looks similar to a sharp angle due to the shape of the thumb that is opposite. On the right hand, the thumb is on the same plane as the rest of the fingers. However, this finger is distinct from other fingers with regard to both length and width.

Then in the same step, sketch your dress’s outline. Be aware of the broad line of the lower part and the sleeve. Take the leg lines drawn in the previous steps as a reference.



Step 6

We will now focus on the last particulars. Utilizing dark and clear lines, we’ll gradually trace the contours of the features on the face. Next, draw long, wavy hair as well as the outline of the crown. Eliminate any unneeded instructions from the face, and then move into the second step.



Step 7

Then we’ll raise a little and begin making the arm of the princess. In keeping within the direction of the body we will carefully draw the outline of the arms as illustrated in our example. Then, draw carefully fingers and hands. eliminate any unnecessary lines from the arms, and sketch out the details of the clothes.



Step 8

This is the simplest step in the entire lesson. We need to remove all lines within the shape of the dress. Instead of the leg contours just need to draw a few folds onto the fabric, which appear to be straight lines.



Step 9

To allow our princess’s drawing to appear more vibrant and complete it is necessary to draw the shadows. In the beginning, using beautiful light lines to outline the area for the shadows. Then we shade the areas that have been outlined by using thick and uniform shading. There is also the option of adding an additional layer of hatching to make the individual areas dark.


These lessons on drawing princesses. It’s not that much more challenging than other lessons that draw female characters on our website. You might be aware that we draw women from comics as well as real girls with a similar style. If you can draw the girls we have drawn in our classes, you could make and draw virtually every female persona.


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