In the forums of we’ve already explained to you the steps to draw the princess and, this time, as a continuation of this topic, we have chosen to show you how to draw a princess’s gown. We chose to give this guide on drawing a princess’s dress in a very realistic manner, including all the details needed and shadows.


Step 1

The first step is to draw a princess-style dress using the two most simple geometric shapes of trapezoids. The upper trapezoid is a cover for the torso expanding upwards, while the lower trapezoid encapsulates the lower portion of the body and is massively expanded downwards.


Step 2

Utilizing four simple cylinders, you can draw how the sleeves fit into the dress. In the upper section sketch the outline of a broad collar resting upon the shoulder of the prince. Drawing the princess’s dress is completed and, starting at the next step, we will draw the details with black and white lines.

Step 3

Let’s begin illustrating the details of the upper section which is the dress for princesses. We begin by drawing the collar wide and adding the necessary folds. Then trace the torso taking into account the curvatures of the body beneath the dress. Make sure to clear this area of the image, removing unneeded lines using an eraser.

Step 4

The next step in the guide for the drawing process for the princess dress is as easy as the next step. Drawing with flowing lines, trace the arms making sure to take into consideration the curvatures of the arms underneath the sleeves. Make the folds necessary between the sleeves and elbows space and eliminate any unneeded guidelines off the arms.

Step 5

This is probably the most simple of the instructions on drawing a princess gown. With some smooth and long lines trace your bottom dress and then erase any unwanted lines. You can add a few vertical folds, similar to the artists from

Step 6

Let’s now get into the shadows. They’ll make the princess dress sketch look the largest and rich. Draw them as the artists we used to draw them. To give your dress design more appealing, you can add additional layers of the hatching.

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