The world is filled with intriguing tales and stories that tell of knights and princesses who reside within the castle located on the highest mountain. The most essential qualities of a knight are the knight’s armor as well as his sword and the sword, then the primary characteristic that any queen has is their crown, which is the lesson you’re currently reading. Let’s go down to continue the lesson on what to draw in the crown of the princess.


Step 1

In order to properly draw the crown of the princess first, we must sketch out the outline. Crowns are available in a variety of designs, but we chose to go with the most traditional, which means we should draw only the shape of a figure.



Step 2

It is a simple, yet crucial part of making the crown of the princess. Make five ovals on the locations shown in our illustration below. These are the upper areas of the crown teeth.


Step 3

Between the ovals that we traced in the second step, we must draw four lines that are curved. The side teeth that make up the crown sit close to one another than the teeth located in the middle.


Step 4

Grab the eraser, to gently remove all lines we no longer require. After that, draw circles around all lines, making them black and clear. This makes it look more like a princess’s headdress drawing. You can use a marker, or ink to draw this.


Step 5

Crowns are typically constructed of gold and are decorated with precious stones of various kinds. Let’s decorate our crown with a princess design. Draw three drop-shaped figures, and draw a grid on them to show the roughness of the stone.


Step 6

To make our princess crown an even more beautiful and complete look, we must create shadows. By hatching create the shadows exactly as illustrated by our artist. Don’t forget to draw the glare which must be drawn using the aid of long but limited strokes.


The lesson on drawing the princess crown ended. If you frequently go to’s pages You may have noticed that we are fascinated by the theme of medieval times. We love stories that focus on the past, movies about medieval times, films about the Middle Ages, and RPGs in medieval settings. We do not want to live in the most pleasant times. The plague, the absence of normal infrastructure, and rigid autocratic power aren’t anything we would want to be. Therefore, let’s discuss the positives. If you’d like us to post drawings more frequently make sure you subscribe to our social media and send us your drawing lessons. We don’t even know how happy we feel every when we see our drawing lessons appear on those pages that our viewers have read.


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