In one of our previous drawing tutorials, the team at demonstrated the art of drawing a princess and now we’re going to demonstrate what it takes to draw a prince. The steps will be simple, but at the conclusion of the tenth step, you’ll get a fairytale real-life illustration of the prince.


Step 1

Let’s draw a skeleton that will serve as the foundation for the drawing that the prince will draw in the future. Sketch the head in the shape of an oval. Then sketch your spine, in the shape of a simple, long line. On the spine, draw the pelvis and chest. The legs of a prince must be traced by drawing simple lines.



Step 2

Draw lines on the face that can help draw the features of the face and avoid mistakes. Draw the neck and the torso as sketched in the sketch drawn by the artists at It is important to note that all lines used in the initial stages must be done using extremely thin lines.


Step 3

Let’s sketch out the legs that the prince has. Draw them in the shape of simple shapes that resemble modified cylindrical. Joints must be marked in the shape of balls. Utilizing simple lines and lightweight, we can mark feet and hands.


Step 4

With the help of rough and light lines, we’ll begin adding essential elements to our sketch of the prince. With the help of lines from the previous step, draw the eyes along that horizontal line. Above are the eyebrows and below, are the mouth and nose. Then note the hair and ear of the prince.


Step 5

We’ll now look at the specifics of the body of the prince. In this stage, we’ll be required to sketch the outline of aristocratic attire. Begin with a collar and epaulets. Then, sketch the silhouette of your costume. Finish this step by drawing a sash with a long length that goes across the entire body.


Step 6

Beginning with six steps, we’ll focus on the specifics of the drawing of the prince. Begin by drawing a circle around your face’s outline as shown in our example. Draw the hairline and pupils as illustrated in the illustration by the artists at Don’t forget to erase any unnecessary lines on the head.


Step 7

In the same direction as the head, take care to trace the visible parts that are visible from the neck. such as the collar and the epaulets. Then, trace the outline of the torso, making sure you don’t neglect to trace the second row of buttons as well as the belt. To make the torso appear more elegant, you can remove all unnecessary guidelines from the torso.


Step 8

The same steps we must perform with his arms. With black and clear lines, draw them like in the example of Particular attention should be paid to the fingers and hands. Draw folds, and then remove any unnecessary lines from the arms.


Step 9

In this stage, we’ll draw the body of the prince. With smooth and long lines trace the legs as illustrated in the illustration. Then make a sketch of the shoes, including all laces and other particulars. With an eraser, remove any guidelines that are not needed from the drawing of the prince.


Step 10

Let’s make the prince’s drawing more beautiful and voluminous. We will do this by using the dense and uniformity of hatching that will be placed in areas which are dark. To darken the shadows and to give the drawing more strike, you can add another layer of hatching to the places that need to be.


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