How to Draw A Pretzel Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw A Shield Step by Step

Step 1

In the intro to our drawing of cookies This is a well-loved snack with a complex design.

It can be difficult for you to to master the art of drawing it, but we’ll break the process into smaller steps in order to make it easier.

Let’s make it easy in this initial step. To begin all you have to draw a curving line, which creates an extended left-facing circle.

This cookie will be able to have a gap at the top, and it will be connected to other elements of the cookie in the future.

In the moment, it may be difficult to understand how this shape affects the design of cookies However, it will be more apparent in the near future!

Step 2: Now draw another small portion of the cookies
To carry on this drawing of cookies We will add a second small portion in the form of a design. In order to do this, simply draw a circle with a an arc.

The drawing will extend beyond the area that you traced in the previous step, and extend to the right-hand part of the page.

Make sure you draw the lines exactly like they appear in the image we used as a reference, since their position will be important when new cookies become available.

Step 3. Make a mark on one of the cookies’ tops
Once we’ve drawn the center and the center drawn, we’ll begin to draw one of the sections above in this section of the tutorial on cookies. We’ll also sketch an element from the section listed below and we’ll begin with this.

Draw this lower section by using two lines of curly lines beneath the two sections you traced in the previous two steps. We’ll then draw a bigger cookie ring to cover the top.

The section will extend to the edge that is the overhang to the right. It should grow up and around before connecting at the central point in the layout.

This could be complex, but if keep it simple and observe the instructions carefully, this process is simple to do!

Step 4 – Then you will draw the rest of the outline
This stage of the drawing will involve you adding another huge circle of cookies. This loop will occur on the left side and will be mirrored to the loop on the right side you just sketched.

It will begin close to the left side of the part and then move around until it connects near the center.

When you’ve completed this task it means you’ve completed all the difficult parts! In the next stage, we’ll finish the details to bring this picture to life.

The 5th step is to add your final details to your drawing of a cookie
After the basic outline of this food item is completed and the food is drawn, we can add some last details in the following part of the drawing crackers tutorial!

Cookies usually have tiny sesame seeds as well as salt on the top We will sketch these particulars now.

Draw tiny teardrop-shaped designs on the top of the cookies to form these seeds to be a part of the design.

You can also add more if you want! By making tiny circles, you could show salt on the surface.

After you’ve completed the drawing, you can make this drawing more by adding a stunning background.

In this way, you are able to choose what other foods you’d like to eat by eating this cookie. What is the best way to end by mentioning your personal details?

Step 6 – Finish your cookie’s design using the color
With the elements and details of this drawing now completed You can finish the cookie design with colors!

Since cookies are made of ingredients and how they bake typically results in darker brown hues to them.

This is the color we used for the reference image. However, although we mostly used the brown color, we were able create some definition by changing the shades we used.

Are you planning to use shades that are similar to those we chose Or do you think you’ll choose to use different shades?

If you sketched any background or other elements, make sure to draw them in color!

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