How to Draw a Present -

How to Draw a Present

How to Draw a Present

Nothing is more thrilling than receiving and opening presents. During Christmas and birthdays, the presents are among the things we’re anticipating the most.

Looking at the piles of presents and presents make us satisfied, and that’s the kind of thing we’ll draw!

We’ve put together a step-by step guide on drawing the perfect present. The tutorial is summarized in just 9 easy steps.

Each step is illustrated with illustrations that make it much simpler for you to follow the instructions.

The fun thing with this lesson is it permits users to modify their drawing, allowing you to improve your skills as an artist.

How To Draw Poseidon

You can personalize the gift wrapper, as well as the bow that is attached to the top to make your own personalized gift!

Enjoy and utilize your creativity!

1st Step:

Let’s design a simple but gorgeous box of presents! To simplify the process begin by drawing the top part of your present.

Make two straight lines that are joined to each other in the middle, exactly as in the image above.

Drawing a picture is largely dependent upon straight lines. Therefore, you are at ease to use the ruler for drawing straight lines fast and effortlessly.

2nd Step:

Repetition the first step and draw a new line in a similar style directly beneath the first line that we previously drew. The second set of connected diagonal lines form the bottom portion of the lid present.

At this moment, you will be able to see two lines that are inclined or arched to the middle.

3rd Step:

It’s now time to join the two horizontal lines along both sides to complete this lid current. Join both sides by putting a shorter horizontal line on both sides.

Once you have completed this step The lid’s structure is now fully formed.

4th Step:

In this phase we will draw the box portion that we are drawing at present.

Make the left side of the box by drawing a long and nearly vertical line, and connecting it with a diagonal line that is shorter to the bottom as illustrated in the image. This creates the second portion of the box in the moment.

5th Step:

We will now complete our box section of this present.

Draw the second part of the box by repeating the steps you’ve done in the previous step however, this time you’ll do it on your right-hand side box of the present.

6th Step:

To make the appearance more realistic, we’ll add a vertical line that runs right through mid-way on the lid, as in addition to a wider vertical line that runs right through the center inside the box.

The two lines must appear connected as illustrated in the image above.

These lines define an edge of the box which makes it appear 3D.

7th Step:

Naturally, any gift would not be complete without a bow that is the best! In this stage, that’s exactly what we’ll work on.

The time has come to add excitement by adding a gift bow! Create the gift bow by placing two sets of inverted U-shaped curves on high on the front of the lid similar to the ones seen depicted in the drawing.

8th Step:

Create a second U-shaped curve within the middle of the two figures we traced in the earlier step. This will form the third bow set for the gift.

Be sure to draw a curve that is slightly larger than the previous two curves we previously sketched.

9th Step:

To complete the look of the gift bow by adding the lace wraparound to the gift. Draw two vertical lines on the side of the gift to achieve this look!

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