how to draw a potato

We’ve been thinking about what would be the simplest drawing guideline? Then we came up with an idea to design instructions on drawing potatoes.

This guide is sure to be one of the easiest to follow on This easy guide comprises only three basic steps, in each one we highlight the lines with red. This ensures that the beginner artist will not get caught in the lines. We are certain that it is very difficult to lose yourself in three steps The final one will be focused on how to paint potatoes.

So, what do require to draw potatoes? You can draw using pencils on the paper you have, a tablet with graphics, or perhaps your iPad or any other tablet.


Step 1

For drawing a potato draw an oval. The shape of the oval does not need to be perfectly straight and smooth, as you seldom encounter a potato completely even with a coconut. It’s not even necessary to duplicate the look of the potato-like in the drawing by the artists at simply draw an irregular and somewhat tubular oval.




Step 2

So far, our potato looks like a stone, right? Let’s change our potato drawing to an appropriate appearance. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to draw a lot of eyes on potatoes using tiny C-shaped lines. Additionally, you could show a stalk on the top however we chose to leave out this extra detail.




Step 3

We swiftly reached the final stage of the instructions on drawing the shape of a potato. It was extremely easy, wasn’t it? The only thing left to do is paint the potato with paint to enhance its beauty and appeal. The potatoes can be colored either light brown or reddish brown. To add more authenticity and volume, you can apply some shadows to your potato art.




Dear artists and visitors of Did this tutorial really the easiest you have seen? It is certain that now you’re able to draw potatoes. Send us an email if would like to draw something more simple than the one you’ve seen in the previous.

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