How To Draw A Poodle Dog Step by Step -

How To Draw A Poodle Dog Step by Step

How To Draw A Poodle Dog Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

This tutorial will begin on drawing a poodle , by drawing an outline around the dogs chest and head.

The style of this breed can make it appear like the chest and head are the main focus in the dog. To draw this soft outline we’ll draw a bumpy line that gives it a soft look.

The head will be slightly smaller and it’s chest should be bigger and more wide. Also, you can draw the poodle’s muzzle on the left.

Be sure to leave a little gap at the bottom, because this is the point where the legs will stick out when you move on to following steps.

Step 2: Now, add the first leg as well as some additional details on the face.
This section of the poodle drawing will let how you can fill in the gaps that we created in the bottom section of the body during the previous section. To fill in this gap, draw some lines that are smooth for the upper part of your front leg.

Then , we’ll draw the fluffy, round pins pins. For this, you’ll need the same bumpy line to draw the cotton shapes exactly that look in our images of reference.

Draw some Paws beneath these shapes Then draw lines around the face.

Step 3: Next Draw the ears as well as the hind legs
We’ll add more details to this photo in the next part of our how to draw a poodle guide. The first step is to draw an eye in the dog’s face.

Then , we’ll make a curved line to allow the ears to be hung down. The ear will be shaped with the smallest base, and will expand after being folded.

They can also be drawn using an unintentionally rough line to create the appearance of feathers.

We’ll then draw the hind legs of the poodle. As with the forelimbs they’ll start with delicate lines, then they will be covered with hairy tufts on top of the tiny claws.

After that, we can proceed to the next step , where we’ll complete the outline.

Step 4 – Draw the tail, and add some additional hairs
In the previous step , we’ll refine our outline prior to going on to last details in the next step.

The tail will be small flat base, and eventually have an elongated tuft of feathers towards the end.

After drawing the tail like the one shown in our illustration, we’ll then draw some curls of fur along the back of the dog.

This will finish the outline of this poodle. In the next step we will improve it by drawing small details and strokes.

Step 5 – Add the last details to your Poodle drawing
The fifth step in our instructional guide on drawing an emoji will help you complete drawing the final specifics.

They will focus on the areas that have fluff. The details will be tiny and curved , making these areas appear softer and more smooth.

After you’ve completed these small details, you’ll also be able to add your own ideas and details!

There are many great ideas to accomplish this among them drawing an outline of the background for the Poodle. What type of setting could you imagine for this poodle to be placed in?

You could also draw in any other pets or dogs you would want to keep your pet at bay!

Step 6: Finish your poodle by adding colors
Then you’ll be able to move on to the conclusion of this tutorial on drawing the Poodle! In this section , you will be able to make this drawing more vivid by adding stunning colors to your work.

Poodles can be decorated in a variety of shades, which means you are spoiled for choices on the color of this image.

As a reference image we decided to go with a bright orange for the coat of the poodle We then chose a light brown to match the poodle’s skin.

You are able to pick from a variety of shades that look similar with these colors, however it’s also an opportunity to showcase your creativity with colors! Which color or material do you feel is the best for this drawing?

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