How To Draw A Pond -

How To Draw A Pond

How To Draw A Pond

Sometimes life can become very stressful and busy. It can be therapeutic to take a moment and just relax by a sparkling pond.

A pond can provide a peaceful environment that can help you relax. Sometimes, there will be fish for you to enjoy!

It is not always possible to visit a lake when it is most needed. Learning how to draw a lake can help you get there.

This tutorial will help you create your own tranquil pond without any frustration.

Relax, enjoy and follow this 6 step guide to drawing a pond.

1st Step:

To add to the tranquility of the scene, the row of stones will be placed around the pond we are drawing today.

These are the stones we’ll use to start our guide on how you can draw a pond.

As we begin on this aspect, it will be quite simple. All you have to do is draw five flat, rounded shapes of different sizes.

Once you’ve drawn the stones, you can move on to step 2.

2nd Step:

Once you’ve drawn the outline of your pond, it is time to add detail. We will first be adding stones around the perimeter of our pond.

You can add four rows to the left side of the row you have already started, and four more to the right.

Place the stones so that they curve up a bit. The stones on the right should be slightly stacked.

To complete this step, draw a line that runs underneath the stones to make a grassy base.

3rd Step:

In this third step of we will continue to add to the perimeter outline. Refer to our guide on drawing a pond.

We will follow a similar plan to the two previous steps. This means that we will draw more rocks. These rocks will be used to complete the outline of the pond as shown in the reference photo.

You can add some detail to these rocks by adding some grass clumps and flowers.

Although these details may seem small, they add a lot of value to the overall image.

We will continue to add more details about these plants in the next step.

4th Step:

We will add more details to your pond drawing as promised in the previous section.

We added more flowers to the reference image by adding some smaller bushes and using sharply curved lines.

For an additional fun detail, we added more clumps to the grass and then drew large mushrooms.

You are welcome to add more details and plants before we move onto the next section!

5th Step:

You will be adding final touches to the guide on drawing an pond. You’ll also be able to add your own details!

Let’s get to the last details of our image before we go. To create the shapes of bushes in the background, you can make them look wavey.

This will complete the details that we have provided, but you can add more as well.

You could add some fish to the pond or even a duck to it. These are just some ideas. What would you do to complete the pond?

6th Step:

We will finish the last part of your Pond Drawing with some pretty colors!

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