Our team has designed a number of drawing lessons on various fruit as well as vegetables We are not about to stop as we give you a new lesson in this area. In addition, as you’ve realized the lesson, today we will teach you the drawing process of an omega-pomegranate which is a fruit that is difficult to eat but is easy to draw.

how to draw a pomegranate

Step 1

As with many of our lessons about fruits, this course on pomegranates will start by drawing a circle with lines of light.

Step 2

Utilizing many simple and thin lines, sketch out a continuous calyx It is situated on the top of the fruit.

Step 3

Take out the unneeded guidelines from the drawing of the pomegranate. Then draw the details within the calyx.

Step 4

To make the grenade appear more overall and full appearance, we make shadows with thick hatching.

As we’ve already mentioned in our previous lessons on fruits it is possible to draw it not just separately but also as a part of the still life of an intricate plot. In one of our drawing lessons, we’ll teach what to draw the pomegranate in the portion. If you require a similar lesson, you can write us in the comments section of this article.

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