Hello! Today, we’ll teach the readers the steps to draw a Polo shirt. It’s fashionable and comfortable clothing that perfectly pairs with jeans, pants, and sports pants. We try to draw it in this instruction.

Step 1
The first step is to sketch a rectangle.

Step 2
In this section, we’ll trace the contours of the collar and sleeves.

Step 3
It’s hard to imagine a cool polo with buttons or collars, shoulder straps, and even a few pockets. We had a laugh about these two items.

Step 4
Three actions we will take during this step are:

Making the sleeves’ contours;
Eliminating redundant guiding lines that were a part of earlier steps;
Making folds on the fabric. The folds appear to be the long lines of a vertical. Two horizontal folds that you can only see in the area around the buttons.

Step 5
We’ve finished the drawing lesson, in which we explained the drawing process for a Polo shirt. The last step of the lesson is drawing light shadows. It is evident that a major portion of the shadows is found in the collar area.

We hope you enjoy wearing a polo, as it’s a very good style. Also, we hope you had no issues when drawing this tutorial. Goodbye!


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