How To Draw A Poinsettia

There are many options for flowers and plants to suit every taste and preference.

One of these flowers is the poinsettia, which has bright red petals and green leaves.

It is a South American native that was used by the Aztecs to make it a very popular flower. This beautiful flower is loved by many people who like to make artwork with it. Learn how to draw poinsettias!

This tutorial will help you if you’re one of them.

This step-by-step guide will help you draw a poinsettia. It is easy to follow and fun to do!

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw a poinsettia.

This can be done by starting with a cluster of small, round shapes at the center of the flower.

After you have drawn the small clump, draw some slightly curved lines that extend from it. Refer to the reference image.

These lines will be used later as part of the poinsettia’s petals. We will continue to add detail to the petals as we go through the guide.

2nd Step:

In the next step of this guide, we will begin drawing the petals of your poinsettia design. We will use some bumpy lines to draw the outline of these petals.

Each petal will be arranged around the line that you have drawn earlier from the middle of the flower. As shown in the reference image, these petals will end in a pointed tip.

We will draw the petal at the top of each flower, but it will only be half-drawn. Soon we will add some more petals and overlap it.

We can start the next part once you are ready!

3rd Step:

For now, we will not be focusing on the petals. Instead, we will focus on the first leaves of . This guide shows you how to draw poinsettia.

We will continue to draw curves that end in sharp points, just like the petals.

These leaves are similar in form, but they will be quite different from the petals.

For now, we will draw two leaves. The reference image will show how to position them.

After you have drawn the outline of these leaves, we’ll add details to them. Draw a straight line from the center of each leaf to do this.

You can then extend more curves from the center line outwards to the edges of your leaves.

These lines will create the backbone of the leaf and the veins. Once again, the reference image will help you to draw the details.

4th Step:

You have now drawn the leaves and petals for your poinsettia design. In this step , we will draw more of each.

You can do this by following the steps in the previous two sections. This means you will need to draw some outline petal lines around the lines that run from the center of your flower.

These petals will have more lines on the edges than their predecessors. The petal at the bottom of the flower will be smaller.

After you have drawn the peals, draw another large leaf at the base of the flower. Next, you can move on to the next step.

5th Step:

You will be adding final details to the poinsettia before you color it.

After the previous steps, you’ll see an empty area near the top of the flower. This is where we’ll add the final flowers.

These petals can be detailed in the same manner as the rest of the petals.

After these steps are completed, add any additional details or touches you might want.

A background with more poinsettias, or other flowers you love, could be drawn. What will you do to finish this picture?

6th Step:

This is the final part of your poinsettia sketch. We will add some color.

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