How to Draw A Pocket Watch -

How to Draw A Pocket Watch

How to Draw A Pocket Watch

We have many gadgets on our wrists and in our pockets that tell us the time, without any second thought.

However, it was not too long ago that the best way of keeping track of time was to carry a pocket watch on a chain around your neck.

They were also fashionable and came in many forms. Although they aren’t used as much these days, it can still be fun to learn how to draw a pocketwatch!

These can be more difficult than one might think, but this guide will help make it easier.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to draw a pocketwatch. It will make it easy and fun to create your own unique timepiece.

1st Step:

Before we begin this guide, let’s draw a line with a pencil. Use a tool such as a drawing compass to guide you. Next, use a light pencil carefully to draw a circle.

After you have drawn the numbers and hands of the watch, you can use a pencil or pen to draw them.

Roman numerals were used for the numbers. However, you can choose a simpler style or simplify them slightly if they are too difficult. The temptation to place the 12 at the top may be strong, but the X will be at the top because of the angle of your watch.

This step can be completed by adding some straight and curved lines to the watch’s hands.

2nd Step:

Once you have drawn the numbers and hands for the watch, you can now add the face to your pocket watch drawing.

Use your pen to carefully trace the pencil outline that you made in step 1. Next, draw some irregular lines around the face. You can also draw circles that form a rough circle at the watch’s center.

We can now proceed if you have reproduced the lines in our example.

3rd Step:

We will now finish the outline by using the outline of your watch face you created in the previous step of . This guide shows how to draw pocket watches.

To begin, draw another circle around the watch’s face. Next, draw a row small rounded shapes to create another outline for ornate details.

If this seems confusing, the reference image will help you see how it should look.

4th Step:

This flippable cover protects pocket watches from any damage.

For the thin outline of your lid, you can draw some rounded lines. Also, keep in mind the angle it is.

To make the lid appear more real, we will add lots of shading detail to this outline.

Another step is where you might want to carefully copy the reference image and then slowly take it in.

5th Step:

This is the guide to how to draw a pocket watch. We will be drawing the round pendant of the watch. This is the part that connects to the lid.

It is rounded in shape and has a small screw mechanism that attaches to the watch. A metallic clip can be drawn around the watch to connect it to the chain.

6th Step:

It will take some patience to complete the next two sections of your pocket watch drawing, but it will be well worth it. The pocket watch was usually fastened to a metal chain, which you could attach inside your pocket.

We will draw each link separately using rounded lines to create this chain.

The clip that you traced in the previous step will be the connection. We will now only draw a portion.

Take your time and you will be able to do this part easily!

7th Step:

This step will finish the chain you created in the previous step of the guide on drawing a pocket watch.

Simply keep adding links to the project. The clip will secure the pocket with a round end.

You are now ready to move on to the next step. However, it could be fun to add some details or a background before you draw the final step.

Perhaps you could show the watch what else is in your pocket by using this watch as an example.

8th Step:

This is the final step in your pocket watch drawing. To give the watch a bronze appearance, we used yellows in our reference image.

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