If you’re interested in learning drawing, do not limit yourself to lessons about drawing comic characters or video games. It shouldn’t be a challenge to draw any object in the world that surrounds you. To get used to drawing objects that are commonplace, we’ve created a drawing manual for drawing plugs step-by-step.

Step 1

Then, draw the shape of an upside-down cone. Try not to create perfectly flat lines during this step. However, the basic symmetry needs to be evident in this image.




Step 2

Let’s sketch the contours of wire and electrical connections. The lines must be smooth and not rough. used for this step. If you’d like this, you can draw round electrical contacts.



Step 3

As you can see, the plug isn’t an ordinary bar that has two contacts that are electrical. This is why we have to draw the contours of the straight bend, as well as several edges located on the forwarding of our plug.



Step 4

We remove the lines from the plug as well as on the wire. The entire drawing should be drawn in with as straight lines as you can. In the final step, trace the holes and areas around the contacts.



Step 5

The plug drawing is nearly done, and we have to add a bit more volume, and also make it appear flat. To achieve this, you must draw shadows using hatching within the areas that are shaded within the drawing.


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