How to Draw a Platypus

This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw the platypus, a delightful animal. It’s not surprising that it isn’t often seen in many countries, unless in zoos. Platypuses are found in Australia, the only country on the continent that has them.

It is easy to draw this animal. It doesn’t require any special skills or abilities. Draw without any additional tools. We are sure you’ll succeed.


How to draw a Platypus

Step 1: Draw the Outlines for the Head and Torso

We are going to show you how to draw a platypus. First, draw two shapes. A large oval and a small circle. It will soon be the head and body of our platypus. Because we are showing the animal “lying”, the lower portion of the oval should be a little more smooth than the upper.


Step 2: Sketch the Tail of a Platypus

The next step is to connect the two shapes, as shown in this picture. This is done using a semicircular arc. Once the body parts have been connected, you can begin drawing the tail. It can be found on the right side.


Step 3 – Draw the Platypus’ Beak

Now we can draw the nose. This is the highlight of the animal. It looks almost like a tail, but it is on the opposite side at this stage. It is drawn shorter and more elongated. It looks very much like a pelican’s beak.


Step 4 – Draw the inner parts of the beak

Let’s now add some realism to the final detail. As shown below, we connect the “nose”, with the head using wavy lines. Next, draw the upper- and lower portions of the beak.


Step 5: Sketch a Duckbill’s Eye

Our platypus is starting to look a little like itself! It’s now time to draw the eye. It’s located in the middle and contains two elements: a small circular and a dot within it.


Step 6 – Draw your Paws of the Platypus

Next, draw the paws. Draw two paws that are closest to you. The first is closest to the head and the second is near the tail. You will notice the distinctive indentation at each leg.


Step 7 – Draw Fins of the Platypus

Next, draw the legs. Don’t forget to show the portion of the front foot hidden behind your body. It is essential for platypus survival!


Step 8 Draw the Nails for a Platypus

Final touches will include drawing details on the paws. Because they are small, this must be done with care. Draw the claws as sharply as possible, but not too long. Compare your results with the image.


Step 9 – Remove Extra Lines

You can now remove any construction lines from your drawing. You can make the drawing expressive by tracing the platypus drawing using more darkened lines and clearer lines.


Step 10 – Color your Platypus

Let’s now use colors to finish our platypus. You can choose between light brown and dark brown as the main color. Bright yellow eyes are also a good choice. Don’t forget about the shadows. For small shadows, a darker shade of the main color is a great choice.


The platypus is now ready! It is best to color it using brown pencils. You can also use watercolors, gouache, crayons, or crayons if you have the time and desire. Your imagination is your limit! Here’s an interesting fact about a platypus.

. Write comments and share the lesson with your friends. Let them learn how to draw beautifully and discover many useful facts about platypuses. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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