How To Draw A Plague Doctor

One of the most fascinating lost professions in a bygone age is that of plague doctor.

These doctors would don their unique uniforms and masks during times of plague to treat those suffering from the most dreadful diseases.

Although they may no longer exist, their unique attire and profession continue to capture people’s imaginations. People have a tendency to want to draw plague doctors.

You are in the right place if you want to make this bizarre doctor.

This step-by-step guide will help you draw a plague physician in no time.

1st Step:

In this step, we will start with the distinctive mask and hat that make up the plague doctor.

These doctors wore flat-rimmed caps so people could identify them. They also wore bird masks that contained various protection herbs.

For this beak, you will need to start by making curved lines. For his eyes, you can add circles to the top.

You can then draw a small talisman below the scarf he’s wearing.

Finish off his look by adding some more rounded lines to his hat.

2nd Step:

The next step in your plague doctor drawing will focus on his arms and chest. We will first draw the cloak that covers his chest and shoulders.

We will use lots of curves to create wrinkles in the glove and sleeves of the left arm. This hand will also hold a scalpel.

You can finish this step by drawing the bottom of his top, which is visible from underneath his cloak.

You can then draw his other arm. You should leave some space in his hand as he will hold something later.

3rd Step:

The wooden staff was used to inspect patients and prevent them from getting too close.

This is the step of where we’ll start. To draw straight lines on the staff he holds, you can use a ruler.

Next, draw a belt with objects attached to it. Finally, create a bottom for his outfit using curved lines.

4th Step:

We’ll be moving on to the final details soon, but first let’s finish up the costume for your plague doctor drawing.

Simply draw some curves that run down to the bottom of the skirt.

You can add many of these curves and angle them so it looks like the wind blows.

Next, it’s time to finish the details and add the finishing touches.

5th Step:

This step of will finish off the elements and final touches to get you ready to color.

We need to finish by adding his boots below his tunic’s rim. You can also add some curves to them. You’re done and ready to move on to the next step.

You can add details to the image before you move on to the sixth and final steps.

A background would be a great idea. It would reflect the environment in which this plague doctor works.

These are just some ideas. This is your chance for creativity and to show off the cool scenes you can create with this image.

6th Step:

We will end the plague doctor drawing with some colors. The colors were kept darker and more muted by using dark browns, blues, and beige.

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