how to draw a pizza

In this drawing course, we’ll show how to draw what to draw the pizza. This is a fantastic invention by frugal Italian housewives. Pizza is very well-known. Pizza is often featured during the dinner of the typical site owner discussing drawing lessons, or even dining together with Donald Trump. This is the reason we picked pizza as our theme for this drawing class.


Step 1

First, we draw something similar to an oval. This is very similar to the very first step of an art lesson. how to draw the shape of a lemon. The oval should fill the entire page of the paper.



Step 2

Then draw another oval that is to sit inside the one in the previous step. Make sure that the lines of both ovals are in line with each other.




Step 3

Everyone ever cut pizza, right? Let’s cut our pizza into six sections with three lines. Be aware of the lines that cross the transition towards the outside oval.




Step 4

As you may know, there is a vast variety of pizzas, each with different fillings. For this lesson, we decided to make pizza that had smoke-smoked sausage. Pizza can be drawn that is filled with tomatoes, and cheese to suit your preferences. In this step, we sketch the contours of sausages in the form of round pieces.




Step 5

Then we will continue our lesson on drawing pizza. Add pieces of green pepper. This is more of the cooking method as opposed to a drawing lesson, isn’t it?




Step 6

This is a small thing, as our pizza is already drawn. This is why we need to give a bit of texture by using small horizontal lines placed around the circumference of our pizza.




Step 7

Make sure that the pizza you have on the paper you have chosen is consistent with the plan. Verify the shape, the number of pieces, and the parallelism of the ovals you have seen from the previous two steps.




Step 8

The colors yellow and red are common colors used for pizza. The look of pizza is largely dependent on the topping. If you paint pizza with mushrooms, make sure you apply the correct colors. We painted the pizza using sausage and green pepper, so it appears to be a mixture of yellow, red, and green.



What is your pizza like? We hope the pizza you made turned out to be more attractive than the one we’ve included in our picture. Don’t forget to share the outcome of your work in the comments section, it’s a great source of motivation for us!


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