How to Draw a Pixie

How to Draw a Pixie

Step 1:

Okay, first let’s start by following the guidelines for this pixie girl! These should be drawn LIGHTLY These are not to be difficult to erase later.

Step 2:

Next, let’s begin to draw the beginning stages her face slowly… Draw the front of her head, then the ears.

Step 3:

Draw the guidelines for the head shape first.

Step 4:

We will start by drawing the hairstyle of the fairy, or the beginning of her hair. We will use soft flowing hair to frame her face. It will look neat and tidy if you take your time.

Step 5:

The stem is attached to her head by creating a pod. As you can see, sketch in details the stem.

Step 6:

Once the face has been framed by her hairstyle, it is possible to draw the shape of the fairy’s actual face. Once you are happy with the shape of her face, draw in her eyes and nose. To soften the look, draw in the eyebrows and add details to the face.

Step 7:

We will now draw her large, pointed ears in elven-style. You should be able draw the ears of fairy if you have ever drawn elves.

Step 8:

Once everything is done, your pixie should look exactly like this. Perfect.

Step 9:

Let’s now draw her hair framing the face. Make sure to draw her headband!

Step 10:

Let’s now turn our attention to her flower-shaped headband. This gives the pixie a natural element, as if she lives off nature.

Step 11:

Let’s draw our body! Drawing the arm is my preferred method, as you can see how much of a waist and torso she needs to balance her body.

Step 12:

Inspired by Disney’s Tinkerbell, I chose a floral leaf-based dress. Draw the shape of the dress, and then draw the details that resemble the veins in a leaf.

Step 13:

Next, draw her beautiful legs. We’ll start with the bent one. After you have drawn the bent one, you can draw her extended one.

Step 14:

Let’s draw the shape of her wings. It can be difficult to draw fairy wings. I recommend looking at references of flying insects wings and butterflies to get a better idea.

Step 15:

Let’s try to draw in more details and use thinner lines for these wings.

Step 16:

It is important to refer to butterfly wings. It’s an invaluable tool! Draw the pattern of her wings using thin lines. Start with the inner pattern and work your way to the ends.

Step 17:

That’s it! You can trace your lines using a pencil or sharpie and then erase any previous guidelines. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this tut and joining me, guys!

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