How to draw A Pitchfork Step by Step -

How to draw A Pitchfork Step by Step

How to draw A Pitchfork Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1

Then, we sketch an outline of this gorgeous fork. It’s like the stickman we draw when we are trying to draw a female or male. Similar to those situations we begin by sketching out the initial step. we sketch out the outline and the position of what we intend to draw. Do not draw volumetric figures in this step, it’s an outline.

Step 2

This time we’ll make a small addition to our gardening tool. Sharp tips are essential to have a great blade. With the assistance of these spikes, we can harvest a large amount of hay, or scare the devil that is lurking within our barn.

It is important to draw the line on this section of the trident as smoothly and evenly as possible. When you have completed the process, take out any lines that are not needed from the section.

Step 3.

Repeat the same procedure for the wood part which is the fork. You are able to choose any style to handle. Whatever you choose, make sure to choose straight lines and straight lines. The wooden portion of the fork is going to slowly be pushed toward the grinder.

Step 4

This is the final part of the instruction on drawing the fork. In this step, we will work using shadows. To create stunning and realistic shadows, you must accurately identify the light source. Consider the best way to position your pitchfork placed with respect to the source of light.

In our situation, the light is directed to the front and towards the left. Therefore, a bright shadow will appear located on the left of the wood and the teeth on the fork.

We attempted to make an accessible and easy drawing lesson. Send us an email if are having difficulty identifying the steps. We will clarify this issue to you and help you keep it in your mind during the next drawing lessons.

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