How To Draw A Pitbull Dog Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw A Pot Of Gold Step by Step

Step 1

Start by drawing the top of the head and ear in the first step of our drawing for pitbull tutorial.

The head’s top is formed by a curve and the ears are then dropped with sharp points along the leading edge as illustrated in the image reference.

It is also possible to add curves in the ear area as well as the starting point of the sides of the pitbull’s face.

Step 2: Next you will draw the remainder of the outline of the head
Based on the sketch you made in the previous step you can draw the outline of your pitbull head in this step.

Then, draw a curving line that extends from the outer edges of the face you sketched to create cheeks to your pitbull.

Use some curves to make a strong mouthpiece for the pitbull and finally, finish it off with the mouthpiece that is on the bottom.

Step 3 – Draw the pitbull’s first leg.
The Pitbull is a short, but extremely sturdy body and we’ll start sketching it out in this section of drawing an instructional pitbull.

Then we draw the legs and shoulders on the left of drawing. Your leg should be long and squat. you could add three short toes on the bottom of the leg.

Once the leg is drawn, you are able to draw an arc for the pitbull’s chest, just as is shown on the image referenced.

Step 4 – Then you will draw another leg as well as the tail of your pitbull’s drawing
You’ve done a leg in your pitbull drawing, now you can draw an additional leg at this point. The leg will be placed over the opposite side of the chest you sketched in the previous step.

It will look like the leg, however it will mirror it.

In the end, you’ll be able to draw the pitbull’s rear from the top of the head and then attach it to a short tail.

Step 5: Now, add the two legs that you have added to
There are just two legs to include in this pitbull training We’ll add these legs now! These are the hind legs. Because they’re further away, they’ll appear smaller.

They will also be closer as opposed to the pins on front and they will join the lines for the bottom and back, as seen in the figure of reference.

Step 6: Next draw the nose of your pitbull drawing
Drawing your pitbull is quite easy! All you have to draw is a big nose at the center in the middle of your muzzle.

Once you’ve drawn your nose, you’ll be able to add dots along the sides to create an appearance of a beard. The final process is to apply tiny, sharp teeth the mouth.

Step 7 – Then draw eyes and draw the final details
We’ll close out some final details before we move on to the next part of this tutorial on drawing pitbulls. The most important element to add is the eyes, which will be small and a bit from each other.

Fortunately, their tiny size and easy to draw make them much easier to draw! After the eyes are drawn, you can add additional details.

It is possible to draw lines below the eyes to create some specifics to the face. Then, you can draw lines on the eyes. In the end, draw lines along the forehead to finish your pitbull drawing.

The last two information we’ve included However, don’t forget to add any details of your own ideas you’d like to include!

Maybe you could create a beautiful background to complete the picture.

Step 8 – Now you’re ready to finish your pitbull by adding hue
Now , you can enjoy coloring your pitbull design! We chose the light brown color palette for our drawing, and while it’s a good option to choose, feel at ease using any color of your preference.

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