How to Draw A Pirate Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw A Killer Klown

Step 1
Every great pirate requires an awesome cape, and that’s exactly the first thing we’ll discuss in this draw an illustration of a pirate.

Pirate hats usually are made of a complex design, so we’ll make use of a classic pattern to make this particular hat.

Utilizing the image you referenced as your reference, draw some curves to create the hat. Draw an outline of a skull in the top of the hat to create the ultimate pirate style!

Step 2 – Draw the hair and face.

After you’ve completed wearing your pirate’s cape, you can begin painting his face. We’ll be using simple lines to contours and features of his head. He’ll also sport mustaches.

We’ll then use more curly lines around his head to create hair to blow into the winds.

Step 3 – Then Draw the jacket

The next stage of our tutorial on pirates can appear complex, but if you do it slowly and adhere to the image reference, you’ll be able to complete it!

The top of the pirate’s jacket and the collar of the shirt. The collar will be the first to be drawn that will stretch up to the chest.

We can then focus on the jacket. The jacket will be loose across the chest and arms, and the cuffs at ends of his sleeves are massive.

The left arm is elevated slightly as he’ll be holding a gun in his hand. The right hand will appear lower because it will rest on the sword that is placed at his hip.

Step 4: Draw another jacket of his and weapon

The pirate couldn’t be as scary without weapons, so we’ll include some in this portion of your sketch of a pirate.

As we mentioned previously, we can draw the hand of the man and hold the pistol with a flint swathe in the left hand.

You can then draw another hand on the glass, which you will draw using curving lines. The glasses are then placed on a belt that is that runs diagonally over his chest.

Then, complete this task by drawing the jacket’s bottom and blowing it in the breeze.

Step 5: Draw the top of his shirt, and begin to stretch with his legs.

The top part in your sketch is completed, so we’ll focus on the bottom portion in the next steps of this guide on drawing an enchanted pirate.

You can pull his belt under his belt, and then there’s a pistol that is tucked inside the belt. Then, you can draw the bottom of the shirt and use some curves to mark the beginning of the pants.

Once you have completed this now, you’re ready to make final decisions in this next phase!

Step 6: Now, you must complete the details to be finalized.

You can perfect your pirate design by adding boots to his. The boots will feature an upper part that folds up, after that, you can apply more curves on the bottom portion of the boot.

After you’ve created the boots that we have by our illustration, it’s time to move on to the next step! Before doing that you can include the details you’d like to add to your own.

Maybe you can draw a parrot to his shoulder, or draw a treasure chest to him. It is also possible to draw an image of the background to highlight the different adventures the pirate was involved in.

Step 7: Finish your pirate’s drawing using color

Once you’ve completed the end of this tutorial on drawing pirates It’s time to take out your pencil or pen and get coloring! In the image we used as a reference we’ve chosen to use dark brown and dark maroon for the pirate’s attire However, these colors are only an idea.

When you’ve determined the color you like, then you are able to choose which art media and tools you’ll employ to create it.

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