how to draw a pineapple

Do you want to know what it takes to draw the shape of a pineapple? If you’re already here, then you must learn how to draw fruit. This tutorial will be easy and will comprise eight basic stages. Every stage is highlighted in red, so that the beginner artist does not lose sight of the point, and can create truly stunning artwork.


Step 1

Pineapples are available in a variety of shapes however the most popular appearance is one that resembles the shape of a rectangle, with strong round corners.




Step 2

Then, using a huge quantity of lines draw the crown’s bottom. At this phase, this design is reminiscent of the shape of a crown.




Step 3

Get even higher up to represent the middle of the crown. This is basically the stage before almost entirely.




Step 4

It is left to show only the top of the crown. The petals of the pineapple here need to not be too divergent towards the sides like in the earlier stages.




Step 5

We can now begin to create the texture of the drawing of the pineapple. To begin, draw an array of horizontal lines that run in one direction, and then another row of diagonal lines in the opposite direction.




Step 6

Now, using a vast amount of checks, create the texture as the artists from in the illustration below.




Step 7

Cleanse your drawing using an eraser to make it clean, beautiful, and pleasing to the eye. To make it sharper you can draw your drawing with darker lines or even ink.




Step 8

Utilize the color orange-brown to apply paint to the inside of the fruit and apply green paint to the crown. Paint colored pencils, and felt-tip pens to paint your pineapple.




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