How to Draw a Pilgrim Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

1. Begin by drawing the hand of the pilgrim. Straight and curved lines can be used to outline the quadrilateral crown and long curves for the brim.

2. Buckled hats are worn by Pilgrims. To create the headband, draw a curve through the crown. Next, draw a rectangle in the middle of the ribbon to form the key.

3. Draw the hair and ears of the man. To form hair, draw a series of U-shaped lines of different sizes. For the ear, draw a “C-shaped” line and then detail its interior with a curving line.

4. A long, curving line should hug the face. To form the nose, use another curving line.

5. Draw the pilgrim’s face. Draw a line in the center of each eye with a “C” shape. A small circle will be drawn for the pupil. To indicate cheeks, eyebrows, and mouth, use curved lines.

6. Next, draw the typical pilgrim’s outfit. Draw a U-shaped line at the neck. Draw the triangular collars of the garment on either side. To form the body, draw a long curve line. The body consists of three rectangles, one of which is curved. This creates the belt and the buckle.

7. Draw the arm of the man. Two curved lines should be drawn for each arm. To enclose the sleeves and make the cuff, draw a trapezoid curve at each end of each arm. On each cuff, draw a small button (a circle). To enclose your hands, create a series of curves that are overlapping.

8. Two curved rectangles should be drawn below the waist to form the tail of your shirt. Two irregularly shaped round shapes should be placed below this one. These are pants for men.

9. To form the lower leg, extend two lines below each knee. Next, wrap the shoe in a curved line. At the top of each shoe, fold a curve in half.

10. Color your Pilgrim cartoon. Most artworks depict the Pilgrims in plain, dark clothes, black, or brown. This is true for the poor but it’s not the case for the wealthy pilgrims who wear bright colors.

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