How to Draw a Pig

In this easy nine-step tutorial, we’ll guide you through the art of drawing the pig one of the most well-known animals on the planet.

As you will see, we decided to draw a typical domestic porcine. In contrast to its wild counterparts, the pig of this breed isn’t adorned with long, fluffy fur or fangs. This breed was domesticated around one thousand years ago, in the Middle East and has since become a major element of the rural culture of numerous nations. In a long time of breeding domestic pigs have developed exactly the same appearance as is familiar to all of us.

Make sure you have your preferred tools ready such as pencils and paper, or even your favorite electronic tablet. Then, you can begin the instructions on drawing an animal.


Step 1

For drawing a picture of a pig you need to first visualize its body as a series of geometric shapes. Begin making a circle of the head and torso, as an oval long.




Step 2

Then draw those legs that are facing you. The vertical lines first, and then the hooves. Notice the leg closer to us nearly overlaps the other leg.




Step 3

Do the same with your hind leg. Be aware that the hind legs are more robust as compared to the front leg and feature more curves. The hooves of the hind legs appear identical to those on the front legs.




Step 4

Then, go back to the head to draw the huge ears. The ear closer to us is positioned in our direction, while the ear which is further away is visible in the opposite direction.




Step 5

Draw the snout by drawing two lines with a slight curvature and one rounded shape. In case you’re unsure regarding the proportions of your drawing, look at it through a mirror and observe all the mistakes and mistakes.




Step 6

Draw a circle-shaped nostril around the nose. Draw the outline of the mouth beneath the snout. Draw a tiny pig’s eye and move on to seven stages.




Step 7

Draw a tail that is short using just a few lines. In our illustration it is straight however, you could draw a curly tail like in cartoons. Utilize two lines to connect the head with the torso, creating the neck.




Step 8

Make sure you remove all lines of construction from the drawing of the pig. You can lighten those lines in the drawing to give it appear more clear and more complete.




Step 9

Apply a light pink color to paint the skin of the pig. A darker shade of pink is recommended for the snout and eye surface. Then, at the very close of the process, paint the eye and leave the eye with light.




To enhance the drawing, you can draw a pig within its natural habitat. You can also attempt drawing the pig from different viewpoints. This will aid in improving your drawing abilities and show you how to draw animals more clearly and completely.

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